Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Every Princess Needs a Crown (Part 3)

I find something special in making a birthday hat. Besides the cake, the decorations, and the outfit it's the most important part of the party :)  And this one had to be special.  There is definitely a challenge in merging a crown with a party hat.  It has to be pretty, functional and royal.  First, I picked the paper for the hat which was a beautiful shimmering pattern that screamed royal. Next, I literally dismantled a crown and merged it with the hat. The hat would make it functional and stay put on her head throughout the party, important for an active 7 year old.  Last, I added tulle draping from the top to give it a touch of fantasy.

I just love, love, love this hat. I seriously thought of keeping it myself.  In the end I handed it over to the Birthday girl.  Her face and expression was payment enough for all the work it took to create this one-of-a-kind hat.

The Princesses-In-Waiting, also known as, party guest also needed their own hats.  I wanted them to be similar to the Birthday girl's hat, so I made paper replicates of her hat. And as a bonus since the parents were looking for craft project  to do at the party, I delivered them dismantled.  The girls loved picking out their favorite colors and putting together a princess hat fit for them. I think I may have to do a Tutorial on this one, so the Princess Saga continues!

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