Sunday, July 29, 2012

Blessed Favor

This summer has been full of events for PaperCuts, shockingly not all birthday parties. Not that I don’t love a good birthday design but it’s nice to flex our range.  A good friend and client contacted me about her baby boy’s baptism a while back. She had a great idea of making an important part of her baby’s blessing into favors for the guest AND knocking out some sitting issues also. Her only issue was how to implement it. 

I loved the idea and quickly ran with the idea.  Since part of the Greek Orthodox blessing involved oil, she wanted to give each attending family their own bottle of oil to take home. To take it further since Greeks do it big (we have all seen the movie) she had a ton of family coming and needed to put together a seating arrangement for the banquet afterwards.  

Our plan was to take the design used on the baptism invitation and design labels for the oil favors that also doubled as the seating cards. It came together so much better than we could have imagined. We even managed to include Jordan Almonds in the favor as they are a staple in Greek events. 

The baptism was beautiful, the guest loved their oil and everyone knew exactly were to seat. A perfect event!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ribbon and Bows

I love how PaperCuts has been crossing state line lately!! This order came all the way from California.  A sweet lady requested a birthday banner for a little girl’s birthday party. The theme was ribbon and bows to which the customer had already fallen in love with a certain banner.  Since she couldn’t buy that banner, she wanted me to make something similar with some changes for the birthday girl.  I loved the colors she requested and the pure sweetness of this design.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Here comes the……wedding invitations?

Where O’ where has PaperCuts been?!?!  Apparently, I am not the world’s best blogger sorry to say but I have been working hard all summer.  This summer has been full of weddings, showers, baptism and of course birthday parties.  So there has been a lot of paper to cut. 

One of the biggest events has been a wedding which I eagerly designed and produced wedding invites for. What a job that was but how much did I love the results.  The bride was a family member who wasn’t sure what she wanted except that the invites be purple and silver.  After, torturing her with several rounds of “what do you like”, we settled on a glittery pocket design.  I drafted a sample for her approval and once she gave me the ‘ok’, I set to work creating these works of art.

Awww, made me want to go back and redesign my wedding invites. Mr PaperCuts quickly nixed that idea though, booooo.