Friday, April 13, 2012

Every Girl Wants To Be A Princess (Part 1)

Or at least have a party like one. Which is why I enjoyed this project so much.  That and the parents didn't have a set vision, so I got a chance to flex my creative side more. They knew they wanted it to be Princess but more fantasy less Disney. They simply requested I chose a color scheme and create a Banner, Hats, Cupcake Toppers and Favor bag.  What a large order to have creative control over and what trust these parents had in me. I did not want to disappoint, so I put forth everything I could think of. For the color scheme, I decided to go with Teal, Purple and of course Pink because you can't do princess with Pink!

For the Banner, I wanted go pretty meets fantasy. I picked up some awesome fantasy patterned paper as well as some glittered paper.  You have to have glitter, it is essential as pink.  I, also, wanted to do a different shape for the banner rather than traditional circle and square.  So I went with a scalloped diamond to give it a regal theme.  I think it came out adorably and the mom was thrilled.

Since the parents requested a tall order, I'm going to break this out into several post so stay tuned.

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