What is a die cut? A manufacturing process used to generate large numbers of the same shape from various materials. The die cut shapes are sometimes called “blanks,” because they are usually finished and decorated before being sold. The process is widely used on an assortment of materials all over the world, and many manufactured products contain several die cut components, often assembled together in a series of steps to create a finished product.

How custom is your work? As custom as a client is looking for. If you have a design already created feel free to send it to me. We also have predesigned work that you can revise to your specifications.

If I already have an image to be cut can you cut it? Client provided images can be cut but depending on how intricate the design revisions may need to be made. Client will be made aware if images cannot be revised to be cut.

Can I provide my own materials to be cut? Yes, you can absolutely provide your own patterned paper.

What is the standard cut size? PaperCuts can cut up to 13” wide and 24” long without a break. Depending on the design we maybe able to create much larger products. Contact us with the design and size you are looking for and we will work with you to make it possible.

What is the standard turnaround on a custom die cut? It depends on how detailed the design is and the volume of cuts being requested. If you are choose one of our predesigned products for revision, we can usually turnaround the work within 10 days or less after design approval. We will provide a completion date on more intricate work after design is approved and paid. Design proofs can be provided within 5-7 days of request.

How will I receive my product? Our company is based in Chicago. If you are within the Chicagoland area we can deliver your products to you or mail them. Outside of the Chicagoland area, your final product will be mailed to you home.

Do you consult on event planning? Although we do not do formal event planning. We can consult on d├ęcor for your event.

If you have additional questions which do not appear on this page, feel free to contact me.