Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ducks in a Row

Quack, Quack, it seems like everyone is expecting! I love babies so anytime I get asked to help with a baby shower, I jump at the chance.  A client contacted me to help design a baby shower for her friend who expecting a baby boy. After our conversation veered to getting everything ready for baby and the urge to nest, I thought why don’t we do baby ducks!   So I pitched the idea of a cute duck invite and the client was all over it.

How adorable are these little guys! 
I love the detail in these invite. They were so realistic that Little Miss PaperCuts even started to quack J What I also love is like so many of our products they are so versatile you can use them not only as invite but thank you cards!  Fun right!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Second Edition: Stepping out of the "paper" box

For the second edition of our "Stepping out of the paper box", I wanted to show a simple way to package a gift and personalize it.
A close friend of mine, Mrs SK, just welcomed her first child into the world, Little Mr John.  Let me tell you, he is just the cutest thing you will ever see.  We wanted to get something special to welcome this little bundle of joy, so we brainstormed and came up with the perfect theme.  In my circle of friends we are all about themes. So since Mrs S is all about travel, we thought airplanes would be the perfect theme.  Once we bought our gifts, we needed the perfect way to package it and a simple gift bag would not do. Instead we bought an adorable tiny suitcase to pack all his airplane-themed gifts into.

Although the suitcase was adorable by itself, it wasn’t perfect.  So I decided to step out of the paper box.  I embellished the front of the suitcase with his name and, of course, a little airplane. I think it was the perfect way finish off this cute gift. Mrs SK was pleasantly pleased and I think I saw Little Mr John crack a little smile.

So the lesson for the week is “Don’t be afraid to step out the paper box when packaging a gift”. Sometimes a little creativity can take a simple gift to a whole other level.

Congratulations K Family on your beautiful baby boy!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Flower Power!!

And the Flower saga has finally come to an end in an epic 1st Birthday party! The party went off without a hitch.  Miss Sydney was just beautiful in her flower embellished dress. The food was delicious, décor impeccable (if I do say so myself) and the cake was incredible thanks to Elysia Roots an amazingly talented baker.  If you recall she also did the amazing Owl Cake for Little Miss PaperCuts 1st birthday.
So as I promised here are some highlights of the Flower Powered celebrations.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Meadow Of Flowers

Yes, another flower post! I know you’re thinking “How many flowers will there be at this little one’s 1st  Birthday?!?”.   Well to answer this question, just imagine a meadow of bright colors and patterns. The client wanted a ton of flowers in different sizes and styles. After looking high and low for the perfect flowers, with no success, PaperCuts was commissioned to design all the flower décor for the celebration. And let me tell you making over 50 flowers for this little tikes party was no small feat but I love the way these flowers came out.  Each flower was somewhat unique with so much color and texture.  This little ones party will surely be a meal for the senses.  
Here are the peek at the different types and size of flowers we made:
6” Flowers with grass and stems

12” Free floating flower

24” Oversized flower

Well we are off to setup this cool design at the party location.  I definitely try to take a ton of photos to show how our designs look at this one of a kind party!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

It’s the biggest day of PaperCut's year, Little Miss PaperCuts 2nd Birthday!  We have a big non-business day planned for our little one. But first I wanted to continue our preview of the Flower-themed birthday decorations for Sydney's 1st Birthday Party.  Our client wanted a chic looking Happy Birthday Banner with a colorful pattern and of course FLOWERS! We decided on individual letters with a glimmer white silhouette for the banner.  We used large flowers as spacers with matching colorful paper.  We, also, sprinkled small flowers over a couple letters to complete the look.

In addition to the large birthday banner, the client wanted a small banner to hang from the birthday girl’s highchair.  We crafted this smaller version to be similar to the larger banner but with a bit more pop. For the smaller banner, we used a hot pink silhouette behind an adorable candy striped paper pattern with a couple of flowers to cap off the design. What fun right!

Well the little one is ready for a day at the zoo, so we are off. There are alot more flower powered decorations to come so stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Flower Hat

This week is very special to PaperCuts because not only is it a client and good friend's little girl's 1st birthday but also Little Miss PaperCuts 2nd birthday! So this week is full of birthday festivities, which of course means Birthday Party Decorations!!! And let me tell you, we went all out.

Since today is Sydney's 1st Birthday, I wanted to show you the unique hat we created for her Flower-Themed birthday. Her mother wanted the flowers to be understated but the hat to be bold and pop. I hope we gave that with this adorable little hat.

Happy 1st Birthday Sydney !!!!!

Keep a look out for more creations for this flower powered party.