Monday, May 23, 2011

Stepping out of the "paper" box

So even here are PaperCuts from time to time we step out the preverbal box or for us paper box.  So I thought you would like to see a non-paper project done for a wonderful friend's bridal shower.  We didn't want to do traditional decor of flowers on the table. So to "chic" it up we decided to add bridal mannequins to each table.

Each mannequin stood 8" tall and were done in various bridal styles. They came out beautifully and were a huge hit. The best part is they made wonderful shower game prizes since most of the guest wanted to take them home for their daughter or niece.  Even the bride took home her own 12" mannequin as a shower memorabilia. So never think you are stuck with just what the big box store has to offer, be sure to stop out of the box.

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