Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Stepping out of the "paper" box: Favors and Centerpieces

Since I have been heavily involved in wedding planning it only appropriate that the next edition of ‘Out of the paper box’ be wedding related. Deciding on the perfect favors for a Bridal shower is always a challenge. There is so much to choose from one can suffer from sensory over load.  And to find something that matched the brides color scheme will just drive you mad. Thank god for crafts, it makes anything possible. Votive candles seemed like a good choice of favors since it could used over and over again but nothing fit our theme.  Luckily I had vision and a glue gun.  Taking some fancy ribbon and a jewel will take simple votive and make it some sophisticated and chic, not to mention save you a ton of money. 

Bonus, this edition also has a second tip!!  During a random night trip to Michaels, I found a major score…. Hurricane vases 2 for $4!!!  I felt like a thief walking out the door with 8 vases for less than $20. Now to put them to good use, I realized with a little sprucing up they would be perfect centerpieces for a bridal shower.  I took the pattern used on the bridal shower invitation and printed out on vellum paper.  Glued it to the outside of each vase and wrapped the ends with ribbon to give it a finished look. Volia high end vases for $2!  I filled each vase with some silk flowers and had the perfect centerpieces for the bridal shower.

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