Sunday, August 5, 2012

Come to the end of the rainbow

Little Miss PaperCuts has grown up and is going off to college. Ok no seriously, she is just turning 3 but it feels like time is flying so fast that will be the next thing to happen. I am feel so many emotions happy, proud, sad, sentimental but most of all I feel like it time to celebrate. Especially since this is her last birthday as an only child……. YUP!! I am finally coming out the closet (though very very late) PaperCuts is expanding by two little baby feet. We are expecting a little Miss or Mr PaperCut in a few week. Sorry it took me so long announce but pregnancy flies when you are cutting paper.  Here is the announcement I shared with our family.

So back to Little Miss PaperCuts birthday party.  The theme is Rainbows! She saw an episode of Dora with a Rainbow party and just kept talking about rainbows so I thought it would be perfect. It took me a lot of time to put together the perfect party and it had to have the perfect invite. After hours of pouring over some great designs on the internet and my brain, I put together this little hybrid.  Isn’t it the cutest!!

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