Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Crafts: Picture in a Ball!!

With Christmas around the corner I wanted show you some of my own craft projects. It's not Christmas without ornaments and a little snow right!?! I made this little gem as part of the Trim the Tree Event at Brookfield Zoo, which my favorite natural light photographer Gina Cristine invited Little Ms PaperCuts and I too. For the tree, she asked us to use our favorite Gina Cristine photo to create an ornament to be hung at the celebration. This was hard because she took so many gorgeous photos of Little Ms PaperCuts. I settled on two of my all time favorites which I thought would compliment my ornament idea.  
  To create the ornament, I did the following:
  1. Purchased a clear acrylic ornament, a bag fake snow, a glittered snowflake, and pink ribbon from Michaels.
  2. Then simply cut out two photos to fit the center of the snowflake and then adhered the photos to each side of the snowflake.
  3. I put a handful of snow into each halve of the ornament, placed the snowflake into the center and closed the ornament.
  4. In order to ensure the ornament stays closed, I used double sided tape to apply pink ribbon along the opening of the ornament.
  5. Tied a bow on the top and volia!
I would love to see any ornaments you have made for the holiday season, feel free to send them over!

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