Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Craft: Yarn Wreath

I think is make be my all time favorite project. I know, I say that all the time but seriously I love it.  Anyone in the craft world knows Yarn Wreaths are all the rage. Just about everyone I know has either purchased one thru etsy or made there own. I, of course loving a challenged, decided to make my own. There are so many tutorials out there to choose from. I kinda did my own thing and I think it came out sooo stinking cute!
Yarn Wreath Tutorial
I picked a shimmery gold yarn to wrap my wreath. I did about 2 wraps to cover all the white space. Then I used a sparkly gray yarn to make the Y pattern. (I may have to do a tutorial on how to create it as I think is cooler than the X pattern which is so popular.)

Next, I adorned the wreath with shimmery twigs and beads which I purchased from Joanns. And used the remaining lace to create a bow at the top to loop on to the wreath hook.
Lastly, for the flowers, I used white felt, grey lace and silver silk fabric to create two different flower patterns. (There are so many different patterns out there but I really loved How Joyful tutorial on how to make felt flowers. I am able to edit her design to come up with a unique look.) I used extra long needles to attach the flowers to the wreath but you can use a glue  gun also.

 Now just hang it on your door! Sit back and enjoy the compliments from your neighbors.

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