Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Meadow Of Flowers

Yes, another flower post! I know you’re thinking “How many flowers will there be at this little one’s 1st  Birthday?!?”.   Well to answer this question, just imagine a meadow of bright colors and patterns. The client wanted a ton of flowers in different sizes and styles. After looking high and low for the perfect flowers, with no success, PaperCuts was commissioned to design all the flower décor for the celebration. And let me tell you making over 50 flowers for this little tikes party was no small feat but I love the way these flowers came out.  Each flower was somewhat unique with so much color and texture.  This little ones party will surely be a meal for the senses.  
Here are the peek at the different types and size of flowers we made:
6” Flowers with grass and stems

12” Free floating flower

24” Oversized flower

Well we are off to setup this cool design at the party location.  I definitely try to take a ton of photos to show how our designs look at this one of a kind party!

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