Friday, April 24, 2015

Little Miss PaperCuts has her first big school production coming up. Of course, I had to be on the committee. Can you guess what I am doing.....PROPS!! How exciting right. I shall have to post some sneak peaks of the progress. They are coming along nicely.

One of the things her school likes to do is set up a display at the school entrance to hype up the production. I was in charge of the design so I had to go big.  The theme of the play is 'Once Upon A Time: With A Twist'. They took several fairytales and mixed them up.  So I had to really think of how to integrate this into a single design. I created a huge 30" cottage to replica Hansel & Gretal and put other fairytales in the windows and around the outside of the house.  How many fairytales do you see?

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