Sunday, July 1, 2012

Here comes the……wedding invitations?

Where O’ where has PaperCuts been?!?!  Apparently, I am not the world’s best blogger sorry to say but I have been working hard all summer.  This summer has been full of weddings, showers, baptism and of course birthday parties.  So there has been a lot of paper to cut. 

One of the biggest events has been a wedding which I eagerly designed and produced wedding invites for. What a job that was but how much did I love the results.  The bride was a family member who wasn’t sure what she wanted except that the invites be purple and silver.  After, torturing her with several rounds of “what do you like”, we settled on a glittery pocket design.  I drafted a sample for her approval and once she gave me the ‘ok’, I set to work creating these works of art.

Awww, made me want to go back and redesign my wedding invites. Mr PaperCuts quickly nixed that idea though, booooo.

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