Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Edition: Stepping of out of the "paper" box

We haven't had a "Stepping of the Paper Box" in a while so I thought it was time for one! I am sure a few of you were eagerly waiting :)

For this edition, I will continue with the "gift giving" theme and use our Duck themed baby shower as the muse. The client throwing Mrs B's baby shower wanted a creative way to not only present her gifts to Mrs B, but also be used part of the showers decor. A diaper cake fits that bill perfectly!

How cute is this Yellow and Pink Duck diaper cake doing double duty as the main centerpiece and holding a treasure chest of goodies for the expectant mom. What kind of gifts you ask, well here is the list:

- 2 Hooded Towels
- 1 Large Blanket
- 2 Burp Clothes
- 2 Pacifiers
- 6 Pairs of Socks
- 3 Pairs of Hand Mittens
- 6 Head Bands
- 24 Hair Bands
- 1 Bottle Cleaner
- 1 Thermometer
- 1 Bottle of A&D Ointment
- 1 Bottle of Butt Cream
- 1 Box of Disposable Diaper Bags
- 1 Rubber Duck
- 130 Newborn Diapers

Whew that’s a lot in one little cake huh! I hope Mrs B loves it as much as I loved making it. There is more to come for this Duckie Chic Baby Shower so stay tuned.

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