Sunday, July 10, 2011

Form Of Diaper!

This has to be my new favorite product, Diaper Notecards! These little gems came to fruition when a client contacted me to create something as a new baby gift.  She had no idea what she wanted to send as a gift but wanted it to be cute and useful. 

 First thing that popped in my mind was diapers; nothing is more useful for a new baby than diapers. But since PaperCuts is not competing with Pampers, we needed to be a bit more creative than that.  My second thought was how was the new parents going to thank everyone for showering there new bundle of joy with gift. Obviously, they would need thank you cards...diapers..thank card...diapers..I got it!! Diaper Thank You cards.  

The client loved the idea, so we sent 4 sets of Diaper Notecards to the new parents. From what I hear they plan to put this gift to good use :)